12 Days of Giving

 The 12 Days of Giving Food Drive

June 8 to June 26, 2018

Please note: Food Collection is at the end of the drive.  If you are collecting, please let us know when you join in, or at least by Friday June 22nd at noon. Telling helps us, so we can share our food score sheet plus our food collection details.  There are set times for the collection as we have limited volunteers available to help with this drive.  

One-page flyer for event

  The 12 Days of Giving is a Food Drive sponsored by the Campus Food Bank. We ask that Departments and Offices around Memorial’s campus get involved and compete against each other with the winning department or office receiving munchies for a coffee break. There are prizes for collecting the most points in total and the most points per capita, so regardless of the size of your department, everyone has a chance to win!

The idea for the Food Drive is simple as it plays off the 12 Days of Christmas theme. Each day, there are suggested food items to donate and the amount of the item corresponds to the Day of Giving. Points will be assigned per item donated from this list. Points will also be assigned for items donated not on the list, but please note – list items are worth more points. Brand names are not important. Please keep an eye on best before dates if taking items from your home pantry.

At the end of the 12 Days of Giving, volunteers from the Campus Food Bank will arrange for the collection of food from participating departments and the results will be tallied. It is important in arranging this event to know who is participating. Please advise us, if possible at the start of the campaign, if your department is collecting for this drive.

Requested items for each day are:
June 8  Day 1 -----  1 rice, long grain brown rice preferred
June 11 Day 2 -----  2 jars of peanut butter, any size
June 12 Day 3 -----  3 bottles of cooking oil (preferably canola or corn, not peanut, and preferably 946 ml, please)
June 13 Day 4 -----   4 cans of tomatoes, tomato sauce, or tomato paste, any size
June 14 Day 5 -----   5 cans of chunky soup, chowder or stew
June 15 Day 6 -----   6 cans of fruit (not individual size)
June 18 Day 7 -----   7 1-litre containers of orange or apple juice
June 19 Day 8 -----   8 cans of milk (whole, not 2%, please)
June 20 Day 9 -----   9 cans of chicken noodle or vegetable soup
June 21 Day 10 ----  10 individual juice boxes (apple or orange juice, please)
June 22 Day 11 ----  11 cans of chickpeas, lentils, or kidney beans
June 26 Day 12 ----  12 cans of protein: tuna, chicken, turkey or ham

Food collection will occur at the end of the drive. We will be in contact with signed-up departments, near the end of the drive, to provide details.

For more information or to advise of your participation, contact:
Anne Sinnott asinnott@mun.ca.


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