Faculty and instructor profiles

Associate Professor

Chansoo Park

Certified Executive Coach, BA, MBA, PhD

Phone: 709.864.7937
Email: cpark@mun.ca
Office: BN-2038
Areas of Expertise

International Business, Strategy

Personal Profile

Dr. Chansoo Park joined the Faculty of Business Administration as an assistant professor of international business and strategy. Dr. Park worked for the Centre for International Business Studies at the University of British Columbia as a research associate prior to joining Memorial. He has taught courses in international business, strategy and organizational theory in Canada, China and South Korea, and has international experience working with a multinational consulting firm. He has also worked for Amore Pacific Corporation, the largest consumer goods company in South Korea, as a marketing manager at its headquarters in Seoul. He served his military service at an air defense artillery brigade in South Korea.

Dr. Park holds a graduate certificate in executive coaching from Royal Roads University in Canada, where he received the Graham Dickson Leadership and Learning Award. He also holds a PhD in international business and strategy from Sogang University in Seoul, a top business school in South Korea. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of the eminent scholar, Dr. Ilan Vertinsky.



  • Ivey Publishing’s Annual Best Seller Award


  • Teaching Fellowship for Full-time Faculty, Faculty of Business, Memorial University


  • Highest Award for Achievement, Dale Carnegie Training
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council Research Insight Development Grant (Principle investigator): Park, C., Vertinsky, I., Becerra, M. & Minbaeva, D.


  • Outstanding Reviewer of 2014 Award, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
  • Dean’s Strategic Research Award, Faculty of Business, Memorial University
Research Highlights
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