Dr. Steven M. Carr
Genetics, Evolution, and Molecular Systematics Laboratory
Department of Biology
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's NF A1B 3X9, Canada
E-mail: scarr@mun.ca

This is the directory for my home page:

Course materials for Biology 2250 - Principles of Genetics
                                        Biology 2900 - Principles of Evolution & Systematics
                                        Biology 4241 - Advanced Genetics
                                        Biology 4505 - Biogeography & Systematics
                                        Biology 4900 - Fundamentals of Genetic BIotechnology
(AKA Bio7391)
                                        Medicine 6390 - Human Population Genetics

Information on my lab & research in Molecular Systematics & Molecular Population Biology
                             The Helix & Primer - a DNA sequencing service at Memorial University

This site is dedicated to my daughter Jennifer Megan and my wife Justyna

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