Biology 4505 - Principles of Biogeography & Systematics

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Lab Handouts for 22 Nov 2002: Phenetic Analysis of Carnivores
                                                          Table of critical values for r

                               29 Nov 2002: Molecular Systematics of Carnivores

nstructions for Lab Writeups

Handouts are in PDF format: click here to download the free Acrobat reader

Background material on Carnivora:
        Carnivore Systematics
        Evolution of Carnivora by  Colbert & Morales (1991)
        Evolution of Felid Teeth by  Anton & Turner (1997)

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Course lecture notes :

Lecture Topic Last Updated Date of Lecture
1 History of Systematics 14 Nov 02 15 & 18 Nov 02
2 Patterns in the Fossil Record 09 Aug 02 TBA
3 Principles of Systematics 21 Nov  02 18, 20 & 22 Nov 02
4 Phylogenetic Analysis: Molecular Systematics 09 Aug 02 29 Nov,
02 & 04 Dec  02
5 "What's in a Name?" 03 Dec 02 04 Dec 02

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