Graduate Students

NameProgramResearch TopicOfficeSupervisor
Nadar AbusaraPhDRole of small molecule mssengers in secondary metabolism in StreptomycesSN-1006Tahlan
Samantha AndrewsPhDOptimization of Marine protected areas based on spatial connectivity and meta-community dynamicsSN-3106Leroux
Joseph Baafi PhDControl of infectious diseaseSN-2644Hurford
Rajesh BaruaPhDPlant tissue culture and molecular techniques for blueberry improvementSN-2097Dehnath/Igamberdiev
Sean BasquillPhDAssessing the response of ecosystems to global changesSN-3106Leroux
Dhrumit BhattMScUse of molecular markers to study biodiversity and to discriminate blueberriesSN-4116GDebnath/Roncal
Johanna BoschMScAvain microbiomes and paleoecologySN-3006/3025Robertson / Hargan / Lang
Lucien BoudreauMScDrosophila models of Dementia SN-1088Staveley
Marion BoulardPhDRelationships between demersal fishers and biogenic bottom habitat features Edinger/ Lawton
Alexander ByrneMScMicrobial genomics for deciphering resistance and pathogen evolutionSN-1006Tahlan
Angelo Armijos CarrionPhDClade-specific phylogenetic community structure across habitats in NewfoundlandOff CampusRoncal
Christopher CallahanMScGenetics and Conservation of Wintering Ptarmigan in Labrador Marshall
Maliya CasselsMScExtinction of the Great Auk and changes in seabird use of Funk Island and South Penguin IslandsHargan
Jody-Ann ClarkeMScStreptomyces specialized metabolites for agricltural applicationsSN-1006Tahlan
Devin CochranePhDOperation of the glyoxylate cycle during germination of maize seedsSN-3114Igamberdiev
Ty ColvinMScEcosystem functioning in seagrass sedimentsOS-3004Snelgrove
Fraser DavidsonMScGenomic analysis of certain bacterial pathogens associated with the dairy industry in Newfoundland Tahlan/Whitney
Cole DealMScThe regulation of feeding and reproduction in fishSN-3010Volkoff
Gustavo Diaz CruzPhDSN-1008Bignell
Rachelle DoveMScIdentity and distribution of arctic thyasirid bivalves Dufour
Rebecca EvansMScEstimating ecological functions and services associated with kelp exportOS-3004Snelgrove
Devin FlawdPhDSpatial modeling of Grand Banks and northeast coast flatfish and fisheries dynamics.MIFisher
Alexander FlynnMScPhylogeography and post-glacial disperrsal to lake trout in Labrador SN-3006Marshall/Carr
Yunyun FuPhDMicrobial transformations of sulfur-centruing compoundsSN-1088/SN-4116GLang/Rivkin
Emilie GeissingerPhDEffect of Climate change on recruitment of coastal zone fishersMarine InstituteGregory/Snelgrove
Amrita GhoshPhDIn vitro and molecular approaches for proagation and germplasm improvement of blueberrySN-2100Debnath/Igamberdiev
Watalabbe GunawardanaMScPolyketide synthase gene expression in Lichen SymbliontsGrenfellPiercey-Normore
Christopher HartMSc  Vander Wal
Azra HasanPhDFoxo-Dependent compensutary grother and starvation Staveley
Travis HeckfordPhDSpatail Ecology of a forest food webSN-4116EWiersma
Jennifer HoggMScNon-invasive estimates of animal occupancy and abundanceSN-1003Vander Wal
Victoria HowseMScEcology and life history of lobster as they relate to the efficacy of MPAs as a conservation toolMarine InstituteRowe
Junjie (Grace) HuPhDThe role of posttranslational proteins modifications in wheat dormancy control and sprouting resistanceSN-1003Bykova
Sabrina InkpenPhDFish interferon regulatory factors (IRFs): characterization,regulation, expression and function OSCRise
Daigo KamadaPhDForaging ecology of Capelin through ontogenyMarine InstituteDominique/Robert
Pabasari Sachinthana Wijesinghe Malmala KankanamlageMScThe role of redox protein modifications in ROS- and NO_dependent metabollic reprogramming in seedsSN-1003Bykova/Igamberdiev
Kimberley KeatsPhDMicrobial Biogeography in the Worlds OceansOSCSchneider
Melissa Keats MScInteractions between Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitochondrial Viability in Ageing DrosophilaSN-3007Staveley
Katrien KingdonMScAnimal EcologySN-1003Vander Wal
Emilie KisslerPhDImpact of Moose on Forest RegenerationSN-3112BHermanutz
Roshni KolliparaMScGene Transfer Agent Production in BacteriaSN-3025Lang
Sonja KoppenheferPhDGenetic exchange in bacteriaSN-3025Lang
Ashley KroyerMScAvian influenza viruses in Newfoundland wild birds Lang
Sayani Kundu PhDMolecular Biology and Plant PhysiologyDebnath/ Igamberdiev
Michel LaforgePhDPhenological mismatch and resource selection Vander Wal
Tyler LantiegneMScGamete EcologySN-4105Purchase
Ainsley LatourMScPopulation Ecology of Pelagic TunicatesOSC-3012A/SN-3123Deibel
Stephanie LegerMScShorebird Vocal CommunicationSN-4094Miller
Yuting LiPhDAssessing the role of the CFA-like metabolite in s. scabies pathogenicitySN-1008Bignell
Jingyu LiuPhDCharacterization of orphan secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters in Streptomyces scabiesSN-4116GBignell
Catherine LittlePhDDistribution of spotted winged fruitflyOff CampasChapman/Hillier
Gonxhe LokajMScRNA Biology in Rhodabacter capsulatesLang/Pena-Castillo/Mulligan
Kelly MacdonaldMScDistribution and relative abundance of diadromous fishes in Placentia Bay, NLSN-3106Leroux/Purchase
Nathan MacNeilConservation genomica of Braya in NewfoundlandSN-4096/4097Roncal/Hermanitz/Pena-Castillo
Joany Marino CoronadoPhDMechanistic models of ecological interactionsSN-3110Hurford
Amy McAllisterMScThe trophic ecology of deep-sea fishesOSCSnelgrove
Evelyn MacRobertMScFish RecruitmentOSC/DFORobert/Snelgrove
Miguel MejiasPhDEvolutionary, ecological and anthropogenic effects on vocal structure in Bermudean white-eyed vireos Wilson
Adam Meyer PhDDirect and indirect effects of herbivores on exosystem functioningLeroux
Molly MorrisseyMScChanges in North Atlantic seabird diet and seabird connectivity to coastal ecosystems over 200 yearsHargan
Victoria NevillePhDCod otolith micro-chemistryMarine InstituteRose
Levi NewediukPhDConserving Elk-Habitat RelationshipsSN-1003Vander Wal
Jose Vasquez Solis De OvandoPhDHost pathogen interactionJavier Santander
Hayley PaquettePhDArctic lichens of NewfoundlandWiersma/Troy McMullin
Nicolas PenafielPhDCharacterization of a trans-andean corridor for lowland plants, and conservation genetics of parajubaeaSN-4096Roncal/Oleas
Hannah PerryMScCharacterization of the scabin mart toxin in Streptomyces scabiesSN-1008Bignell
Robert PerryPhDFish Assemblages in LabradorOff CampusSchneider
Madison PhilippMScGamete EcologySN-4105Purchase
Brandon PierceyMScAntibiotic production and resistance in the StreptomycesSN-1006Tahlan
Allison PorterMScMolecular & Cellular BiologySN-3007Staveley
Christina ProkopenkoPhDEvolution and EcologySN-1003Vander Wal
Jacob ProsserMScAnalysis of salmon lice population dynamics and treatment strategiesSN-3110Hurford
Danielle QuinnPhDMathematical and Statistical Models in Evolution and EcologyOSCSnelgrove
Rebecca Raymond MScBiodiversity associated with bamboo coral forestsBarbara de Moura Neves/ Edinger
Devyn RamsayMScFish PhysiologyOSCGamperl/Dixon
Matteo RizzutoPhDEffect of forest harvesting on trophochemical food webs in newfoundland.SN-3106Leroux
Alec RobitailleMScNetwork EcologySN-1003Vander Wal
Sheena RoulMSc  Lang/Robertson
Elena SalogniPhDBehavioural Ecology of Elephant SealsSN-2096Miller
Arshad ShaikhMScStrategies to induce the production of bioactive secondary metabolites in Streptomyces speciesSN-1006Tahlan
Umanath SharmaPhDBiotechnological approaches for propagation and germplasm enhancement of berry cropsOff CampusDebnath/ Igamberdiev
Arindam SikdarMScEpigenetic varation in lingonberriesOff CampusDebnath/Igamberdiev
Rebecca SteinhartMScBiodiversity and ecosystem function in marine sedimentsOSCSnelgrove
Makayla SwainMScMoose zoogeochemistry in boreal forests of NewfoundlandSN-3106Leroux
Courtney WhiteMScEcologyHargan
Jordan WightPhDEscherichia coli and other potential pathogens in environmental and animal reservoirsSN-3025Lang/Tahlan
Margie WilkesMScComparison of natural and farmed blueberry pollinatorsSN-3112Hermanutz
Somaieh ZahariPhDOperation of the phytoglobin/nitric oxide cycle in higher plantsSN-3114Igamberdiev/ Hebelstrup




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