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Follow our step-by-step guide to applying and you're on your way to becoming a graduate student. If you are interested in a research program, you are strongly encouraged to contact potential supervisors in your area of interest. You will find the research interests and contact information of faculty supervisors on the departmental webpages.

Attention Memorial University staff members: If you are employed as a permanent or contractual employee at Memorial at the time of application, please contact our office for information on application fee payment. You may also wish to contact the Department of Human Resources for information on financial assistance for training and development.

Choose your semester and check the deadlines

Decide when you'd like to start your studies and check the relevant deadlines for filing your application.


  • Some academic units only admit students for the Fall semester and do not assess applications after the application deadline, while others offer admission for multiple semesters without deadlines.
  • Deadlines and entry semesters are listed in the program section of our website.
  • Please submit documents 2 weeks after you submit your graduate applications so that they may be properly matched with your file.
  • All applications and required documents must be received by the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadline for your program of interest.
  • Late applications and documents are processed as time and resources permit.
  • Incomplete or late applications may result in delays in decisions being reached.

Identify and collect all required application materials

The basic graduate application will include the following items (ensure that your full name and date of birth or Memorial student number appear on all documents):

    • Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their graduate application online to ensure they are processed in a timely manner. A valid credit card is required to submit an online application. 
    • The application must be fully and accurately completed. Please note the software for the online application only supports the English language.
    • Ensure your full legal name (including maiden or previous last name if applicable) is listed in the correct order (as it appears on your passport or other government ID).
    • Ensure the exact mailing address is entered, as incorrect addresses may prevent you from receiving regular correspondence from our office by mail (please refer to the Canada Post website for details on addressing guidelines).
    • Please note the correct route (e.g., thesis, course, internship) for your program of interest. Refer to the University Calendar for details. Incorrect routes may lead to delays in the admission process.
    • Ensure you provide names for all referees.
    • Please note the correct immigration status under "Citizenship/Residence." Select "Student Visa" if your citizenship is not Canadian and you require a study permit to legally study in Canada. Select "Permanent Resident" if your citizenship is not Canadian and you have immigrated to Canada.
    • Ensure Statement of Interest page on the web application is properly completed, as many graduate programs place considerable emphasis on this section.
    • Official documents (originals or copies certified by the issuing institution) must be provided and sent directly by the issuing institution for all universities attended from which a degree was earned or transfer credits were awarded.
    • Memorial University transcripts do not have to be submitted.
    • If you are applying for a doctoral program, all prior transcripts (for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs or equivalent) must be submitted as part of your application.
    • Official documents (originals or certified copies) noting confirmation of university degree completion are required if degree completion date is not reflected on transcript.
    • Notarized English translations are required if official documents are not issued in English or French.
    • If you are a pursuing an undergraduate degree at Memorial, you will be required to submit to the School of Graduate Studies a letter from the Office of the Registrar noting that all degree requirements have been met, or notify us when a degree has been conferred.
    • Supporting documents, including original transcripts, will not be returned.

    • All letters must be submitted directly to our office by the referee. Applicants should send a link to the letter of appraisal form in an email to their referee and include in the email their full name, date of birth, and Memorial student number (if known).
    • Letter of appraisal forms will only be considered when they are sent from an institutional email address for academic referees (e.g.,
    • At least one letter of appraisal must be by an academic referee, and for graduate programs in Business Administration (master's only), Education, Social Work (master's only), and Employment Relations, at least one must be by a professional referee.
    • Note: Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) applicants only are required to submit a third letter of appraisal from a referee who can comment on their suitability for clinical practice.
    • Academic referees selected to write letters of appraisal on your behalf should have taught or supervised you at a university level, and be able to accurately comment on your ability to conduct graduate-level work.
    • With the strong recommendation of the academic unit, applicants without an academic reference may be fully admitted to a graduate program at Memorial.
    • Mac users, please open, complete, and save the form with Adobe Reader (not Mac Preview) and email to
    • Academic letter of appraisal form. Adobe Reader (version 8 or higher) is required to complete and submit the form. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
    • Professional letter of appraisal form. Adobe Reader (version 8 or higher) is required to complete and submit the form. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
    • The $60 Canadian application fee ($120 for international applicants) is payable by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) only for web applications.
    • Applicants who are unable to access a credit card will be required to submit a cheque, bank draft, or money order along with a paper application. A charge of $25 will be made for any cheque, bank draft, or money order which is not eligible for payment.
    • Please do not send cash.
    • International students who have completed secondary schooling, an undergraduate degree program, or a graduate degree program at a recognized institution where the language of instruction is English are advised to provide a letter from their university stating the language of instruction.
    • All other international students will have to provide minimum scores from acceptable standardized tests listed in the Calendar.
    • TOEFL - Paper-based score of 550 (or higher), or Internet-based with a score of 80 (or higher).
    • IELTS - An average band score of 6.5 or higher.
    • CAEL - A score between 50 and 60 in each of four bands, with at least 2 band scores of 60.
    • CanTEST - Band Level 4.5 in the listening comprehension and reading comprehension sub-tests and a score of 4 in writing.
    • MELAB - A score of 85% (or higher).
    • Only official and valid score reports sent directly to SGS by the testing agency are acceptable.
    • Test score reports (must be submitted by mail): Certain graduate programs will require minimum test scores (e.g., GRE for Psychology or PhD in Management, GMAT for MBA or PhD in Management). Please ask the testing agency to send SGS a valid official score report.
    • Additional forms and documents: Certain graduate programs will require you to submit an additional form. These include graduate programs in Education, Nursing, Social Work, and the Interdisciplinary PhD.
    • Writing samples: Certain graduate programs will require writing samples (e.g., course essay, term papers, journal articles, etc.) that must be submitted as part of your application to those programs. These include graduate programs in Arts and Education, English, Ethnomusicology, Folklore (PhD only), History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Studies.
    • Authorization for use of representative: If you wish to permit a representative (friend, family member, educational agent, etc.) to have access to your file, you will be required to submit an email to from the email address noted on your web application. The email should state your full name, date of birth (or Memorial University student number if known), and graduate program applied to, as well as the full name of the person who will serve as your representative.
    • Resume or Curriculum Vitae: Certain graduate programs require students to have work experience prior to admission. This may be entered on the web application.
    • Financial guarantee: If you are being sponsored by a government agency or university to pursue a graduate program at Memorial, please submit a financial guarantee document along with your graduate application.
  • Prerequisites may be necessary. Please check the University Calendar or the Programs Page for more information and enter the necessary prerequisites information on the web application.

Submit your application


  • You may submit an application online (credit card required). Current students or students who previously attended Memorial University are strongly encouraged to apply through Memorial Self Service.
  • Please note that the credit card payment feature on the web application is only available from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Newfoundland time), Sunday through Friday. It is unavailable on Saturday.
  • Submit all supporting documents to:

    School of Graduate Studies
    IIC-2012, Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
    230 Elizabeth Avenue
    St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
    A1C 5S7


or (transcript, confirmation of degree completion, and test scores must be sent by post mail)



Important Note: Memorial University will verify documents submitted in support of a graduate application, including letters of appraisal, transcripts, and degree certificates. Submission of falsified documents is considered a serious academic offense.

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