Vincent Jankunis

Previous Education

B.A. (Anthropology), University of Alberta, 2010


Dr. Lisa Rankin


Resource procurement, settlement patterns, cultural exchange, hunter-gatherer societies, maritime archaeology, CRM.

Research Statement

My current research focuses on the organization of space in and around Inuit winter communal houses of the Communal House Phase in central Labrador. Under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Rankin I am investigating this broad research topic through the cultural materials excavated from one of three sod-walled houses at the Double Mer Point site located near Rigolet, Nunatsiavut. Relying heavily on the spatial analysis of artifacts and the interpretation of architectural characteristics of the house I am studying how space was used during this period of winter communal living and how the social and physical environments may have impacted daily life in a community setting. By focusing on the organization of space used regularly I hope to contribute to the understanding of how the communal living strategy of the Communal House Phase was maintained throughout the eighteenth century.





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