Natasha Miller

Previous Education

B.A. (Anthropology and Statistics), University of Minnesota, Morris, 2016


Dr. Mario Blaser
Dr. Scott Neilsen


Indigenous archaeology, postcolonial theory, ontology, contact archaeology.

Research Statement

While pursuing my degree, I will be working with the Innu in Sheshatshiu, Dr. Mario Blaser, and Dr. Scott Neilsen to look at the way the Innu relate to the past as opposed to the ontology practiced by archaeologists who study their likely ancestors. As it stands, the Innu version of history is a separate entity from the version presented by archaeologists and historians. In my opinion, it is counterproductive to try and fit them into the same narrative given the relative nature of Innu past, and the linear nature of archaeology. Instead, I am deeply interested in the possibility of creating an Innu archaeology, that will more accurately ascribe to Innu ontology. As of right now, I am uncertain if this is even possible, but I am excited to see the possibility of the field moving in a different direction.




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