Alexa Spiwak

Previous Education

B.A. (Archaeology & Cognitive Science), University of Toronto
Grad. Cert. (Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management), Fleming College


Dr. Barry Gaulton


Historical archaeology, colonial industries, experimental archaeology, archaeological conservation, 17th century Ferryland.

Research Statement

My research aims to investigate the small-scale slate roof tile industry present at the Colony of Avalon in the early 17th century. My research objectives include identifying workspaces and confirming proposed quarry sites through excavation and experimental archaeology. Comparisons with contemporaneous Old World slate-working industries will help to ascertain whether the industrial processes used at Ferryland are a unique departure from the long-standing traditions in Welsh slate tile production. Finally, re-assessment (and potentially, re-interpretation) of other slate artifacts at the site, which include gaming pieces, pot lids and sundials, may help to shed more light on the lives of the skilled craftsmen that lived and worked at the Colony of Avalon.




Department of Archaeology

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