Jaro Stacul

Jaro Stacul

MA, University of Trieste, 1990
PhD, University of Cambridge, 1999


Visiting Assistant Professor

E-mail: jstacul@mun.ca
Phone: (709) 864-2111
Office: Queen's College, QC-4011

Research Interests:

My research focuses on issues of nationalism, the state, and the environment in Europe (Poland and Italy). It examines the ways in which political messages and symbols emanating from national, regional, and other centres are accommodated to local-level discourses, and especially how individual social actors interpret and make sense of them. I conducted research on local identity in the Italian Alps of Trentino in several spells between the mid-1990s and 2007, and analyzed the ways in which ideas about private property and the natural environment form the background against which the 'ideologies' of regionalist political forces are debated and understood at the local level. The findings of this project are summarized in the book The Bounded Field: Localism and Local Identity in an Italian Alpine Valley (Berghahn Books, 2003).
Since 2008, I have been working on a new research project on the redevelopment of post-industrial spaces in contemporary Poland. It involves fieldwork in the city of GdaÅ„sk, the cradle of Solidarność (Solidarity), the mass social movement that questioned the legitimacy of the socialist state in the 1980s. The project examines public discourses surrounding the redevelopment of the shipyard that was Solidarity's cradle, and the ways such discourses are manipulated by certain political élites to impose their own interpretation of the downfall of state socialism. The preliminary results of this research project are summarized in the article 'The Production of "Local Culture" in Post-Socialist Poland' (Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, vol. 23, n. 1, 2014).

Selected Publications:


2006 (Co-editor with Christina Moutsou and Helen Kopnina) Crossing European Boundaries: Beyond Conventional Geographical Categories, Berghahn: New York and Oxford.

2003 The Bounded Field: Localism and Local Identity in an Italian Alpine Valley, Berghahn: New York and Oxford.

Journal Articles and Books Chapters:

2016 "From the mayor's viewpoint: Political speech and the 'spatialization of the state' in northern Italy", Anthropological Quarterly 89 (1), pp. 221-246.

2015 "A 'private place'? Changing meanings of the countryside in northern Italy", In J. MacClancy (ed.) Alternative Countrysides: Anthropological Approaches to Rural Western Europe Today. Manchester University Press: Manchester, pp. 29-45.

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2003 "The privatisation of locality: Integralist political engagements in northern Italy at the turn of the millennium", Cambridge Anthropology 23 (2), pp. 36-53.


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