Asan Meera Sahib Haja Mohideen, M.Sc.(Medicine)'14

Hajamohideen, Asan Meera SahibHello! My name is Asan Mohideen and I am currently working as a Research fellow in the field of developmental transcriptomics at Nord University, Norway. I completed my Master of Science in Medicine with Human Genetics as specialization from Memorial University (MUN). I am nominating my name for the Board of Regents Alumni representative’s election. I was previously elected and nominated for two consecutive terms as a member of the board of regents by the graduate student union (GSU). During my tenure as a member of the board of regents, I have also been a part of the Campus Planning and development (CPDC) committee of the Board of Regents, which approves all capital projects and infrastructure maintenance of the campuses that belong to MUN. I have previously been a member of several university wide committees such as the Student’s code of conduct committee and the Academic appeals committee in the past, which are sub-committees of the Senate, and worked for 4 years as a board of director for GSU. Being a part of the Board of Regents and other university wide committees helped me to gain a strong understanding of myriad of issues and business activities of the university. Therefore, I am very well aware of the needs of the student community and the way that the university works, which would be a valuable experience to serve as an alumni representative to the Board of Regents. If you feel that I am capable of representing you, please vote for me.

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