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This past year, The Neighbourhood Dance Works group commissioned a multi-generational dance theatre show called Home Front. Performed with a live string quartet, the group re-enacted the "patriotic flag dance" - an actual dance performed by the Women's Partiotic Association at Vigornia to raise funds for the war effort throughout WWI. 

The show featured 10-foot long aprons, created by visual artist Kelly Bruton, which depicted the unique stories of Newfoundland soldiers and their families. MUN alumna Louis Moyes also shared the unique connection to WWI through one of her troupe members:

"Our troupe member Milly Brown's FATHER was in World War 1 - he was 56 when she was born. Her granddaughter Jessie is in the show too. Her apron 

depicts his story - he suffered severe shell shock and died in the Mental 

Health Asylum when Milly was just 6 months old. It also contains the story and photos of his family after his death.

One of our aprons also depicts Eugène Cornect from the Port au Port, one of the first 500, a Blue Puttee, who was injured in Beaumont-Hamel. It also talks about his sons, 7 of whom served in WW2
and Korea."

The story of Cornect is further explored in the second show, Beaumont-Hamel, Sacrifice d'une Nation. Written by MUN alumni Paul Rowe and Louise Moyes, the bilingual play premiered in St. John's on July 1, 2016. The play tells the story of the brave Blue Puttee and member of the first 500 of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, who fought at Galipoli and was injured at Beaumont-Hamel.


Home Front | War and Family: an Intergenerational Dance-Theatre Presentation

Featuring performances by: Louise Moyes, Lisa Porter, Ben Gosse, Jessie Rendall, Winter Blades, Gabriel Moyes-Vaandering, Vincent Avoine-Dalton, Rose Avoine-Dalton, Manon Avoine and Milly Brown (Moyes, Brown and Porter are MUN Alumni)

Music performed by the Phantasior Youth String Quartet.

Aprons in collaboration with Visual Artists Kelly Bruton, featuring stories and photos of families from La Péninsule de Port-au-Port, Harbour Grace, St. John's, Black Head, Bonavista, Nova Scotia, and Malvern Hills, England. 

Directed by Louise Moyes, with Lisa Porter.

Beaumont-Hamel, Sacrifice d'une Nation

A bilingual play, written by MUN alumni Paul Rowe and Louise Moyes, music by Mary Barry.

Visuals by MUN Alumnus Michael Fenwick.

Commissioned by La Fédération des francophones de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. 


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