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Pte Francis Paul

Determined to honour those who fought in WWI, MUN alumna Natasha Jones shared her journey of discovery and remembrance as she investigated her own family tree.

"I’m writing to pass along my story of how I remember and honor those who partook in World War I. My journey of remembrance when I began my family tree several years ago. I knew that my Great-Grandfather Francis Paul of Badger’s Brook (now Badger) had enlisted because I knew his enlistment number but it turned out to be a struggle to get his records because his name was not recorded correctly.

But with his enlistment number and much perseverance I was able to obtain his records and I set to work on them. I found out that he enlisted late in the war in the year 1918 and I discovered things about him I never knew. I contacted Grand Bank Genealogy who had webpages dedicated to men and women who served in the Great Wars. I provided them with information on my great-grandfather and they created a webpage for him.

Through my family history research I also discovered that two of my great-grandfather’s first cousins also enlisted in 1916. They were Lawrence Paul and his younger brother Stephen Paul of Wigwam Point (now Peterview). I again provided Grand Banks Genealogy with information and they created a webpage for Stephen Paul.

Link to webpage on my Great-Grandfather Francis Paul

Link to webpage on my Great-Grandfather’s cousin Stephen Paul

I have yet to finish my work on Lawrence’s enlistment papers but I look forward to providing his information so that Grand Banks Genealogy can also create a webpage for him."

- Natasha Jones


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