Peace by Piece Quilt Descriptions

Battle of the SommeBattle of the Somme

Width: 84 inches
Height: 88 inches

Pieced by Lorraine Dyke, Deborah Andrews, Valerie Northover; machine quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Betty Pomroy, Brenda Lewis, and Rosalie Day; lists by Heather McGrath

"This quilt honours the men who fought on July 1, 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, often referred to as the Battle of Beaumont Hamel in Newfoundland and Labrador."

Remember with PoppiesRemembering with Poppies quilt

Width: 59 inches
Height: 71 inches

Pieced by Maureen Fahey; machine quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Enid Penney

"Complementing the poppies in this quilt are images of men from a sampling of communities throughout the province: Topsail, Gambo, Great Burin Island, Port de Grace, St. John's, Placentia Bay, Bonavista Bay, Fortune and Bay Bulls."

We Will Remember Them We Will Remember Them quilt

Width: 72 inches
Height: 72 inches

Pieced by Dawn Ring; quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Sharon Griffin.

“Crosses stitched along the sashing and borders of this quilt represent soldiers who died serving their country during World War I.”

Forget-me-not forget-me-not quilt

Width: 60 inches
Height: 72 inches

Pieced by Maureen Fahey and Evelyn Connors; machine quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Elsa Flack.

“The forget-me-not is worn to commemorate the loss suffered by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment on July 1, 1916.”

Trail of the CaribouTrail of the Caribou Quilt

Width: 58 inches
Height: 58 inches

Pieced by Debbie Northover; machine quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Maxeline Noseworthy.

“The battlefields on which Newfoundlanders and Labradorians fought during World War I are now collectively known as the Caribou Trail.”

Shadows of WarShadows of War Quilt

Width: 48 inches
Height: 60 inches

Pieced by Paula Cramm; machine quilted by Ann Casey; binding by Ann Casey.

“Barry Buckle is a fashion designer and textile instructor at the College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s. Buckle teamed up with 10 first-year students to make blocks for this quilt as part of their course Textiles: Craft and Apparel Design.”

Women in the WarWomen in War Quilt

Width: 46 inches
Height: 46 inches

Pieced by Sandra E. Nixon; hand quilted by Sandra E. Nixon; binding by Sandra E. Nixon.

“Many other women took on a myriad of other roles (in the First World War), particularly those who volunteered with the Woman’s Patriotic Association.”

We StandWe Stand Quilt

Width: 59 inches
Height: 72 inches

Blocks made by the Sharpe family: Anna, Sascha, Cameron, and Tammy Sharpe and Deanna Cameron. Pieced by Elsa flack; quilted by Elsa Flack, Sharon Griffon, and Karen Tibbs; binding by Verna Hollett.

“This quilt was created by members of the Sharpe family. Three young siblings – Anna, Sascha and Cameron – with their mother, Tammy Sharpe, and aunties spent an afternoon in the studio having fun with fabric and paint.”

In the TrenchesIn The Trenches Quilt

Width: 46 inches
Height: 46 inches

Pieced by Maxeline Noseworthy; hand quilted by Maureen Fahey; binding by Marilyn Fahey.

“Themes run through this quilt like war trenches, emphasized by the straight-line machine quilting along the sashing and borders.”

Answer the CallAnswer The Call Quilt

Width: 47 inches
Height: 47 inches

Pieced by Elizabeth Laite; hand quilted by Elizabeth Laite; binding by Elizabeth Laite.

“During the war a bugle was sounded to gather soldiers together. This quilt speks to the many thousands of men, women, and children of ages who “answered the call,” however they could."

A Military Family TributeA Military Family Tribute Quilt

Width: 46 inches
Height: 70 inches

Pieced by Valerie Northover; machine quilted by Beverly Gardner; binding by Ingrid Verbree-Barnes.

“This quilt is a tribute to one family’s military tradition. Ingrid Verbree-Barnes facilitated the creation of these 15 blocks in honour of her family’s contribution to military service, particularly that of her husband, Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Spencer Barnes.”

A Living Memorial (NOTE: THIS QUILT IS NOT AVAILABLE)A Living Memorial Quilt

Width: 69 inches
Height: 69 inches

Pieced by Dolores (Dodie) Glynn; machine quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Heather French.

This quilt was created to “…honour Memorial University’s recognition of Newfoundland’s military history. Faculty, staff and students develop(ed) the blocks that make up this quilt.”

Never Found Lying DownNever Found Lying Down Quilt

Width: 48 inches
Height: 47 inches

Pieced by Lorraine Dyke; hand quilted by Ellen Penney and Helen Field; binding by Ellen Penney.

“Soldiers from Newfoundland proudly displayed their NFLD insignia on their shoulders. Getting tired of explaining that NFLD represented Newfoundland, they began to say that the letters stood for “Never Found Lying Down.”

Better than the BestBetter Than The Best Quilt

Width: 60 inches
Height: 72 inches

Pieced by Heather McGrath; machine quilted by Debbie Northover; binding by Brenda Lewis.

“This quilt depicts stories of life during the war and, also, stories of how life continued after the war. Some men settled elsewhere, but never forgot their Newfoundland roots.”

Bowring ParkBowring Park Quilt

Width: 56 inches
Height: 55 inches

Photos by Elsa Flack; blocks constructed by Sandra E. Nixon. Pieced by Theresa Johnson; hand quilted by Theresa Johnson; binding by Theresa Johnson.

“The monuments in the park include the Fighting Newfoundlander, the Caribou monument, and the Beaumont-Hamel replica plaques.”

Lest We ForgetLest We Forget Quilt

Width: 59 inches
Height: 71 inches

Pieced by Lorraine Dyke; machine quilted by Lorraine Dyke; binding by Lorraine Dyke.

“This quilt helps us to remember the smaller things that add up to a major event: World War I. It depicts the stories of men who survived and returned home to start a family, a treasured mascot, precious medals, and rows of white crosses.”

Remembering Edward Nicholas Keough, Reg. # 1365Remembering Quilt

Width: 57 inches
Height: 71 inches

Quilt blocks by mary Mulrooney; photos by Elsa Flack. Pieced by Elsa Flack; machine quilted by Shelia Swett; binding by Sheila Swett.

“By 1910, Ned had moved to Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, to work as a cooper. At the outbreak of World War I, Ned, 29, returned home to enlist.”


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