Mystery of the Myosotis avrvensis

Prof. Fred Hawksley created the Great War Project Group in 2012 with the objective of exploring ways to create relationships between young people in grades 5-7 and First World War material. Prof. Hawksley devised and wrote 'The Great War Project' (GWP) drawing on his work in drama-in-education and creative inquiry. The GWP engages students in an imagined world of a botanical science company that receives a request from a (fictional) client in hopes the botanists can make sense of the leather bound book and the contents contained therein (handwritten notes, drawings of various plants and some diagrams) which has been found by the client.

The botanical science company accept the contract quickly working through the old book and 100 year old cursive writing, developing research work as questions arise and reporting to their client which raises many more questions and multiple directions for research. All the work of the botanical company is supported by work outside of the fictional world where students can think about what's happening inside the fictional world, raise further questions, help develop the work of the botanical company itself and identify new possibilities for exploration for the botanical company when back in the fictional world. The co-leads of the GWP Professors Fred Hawksley and Alex Hickey thank MUN Botanical Gardens for their Partnership (Anne Madden, Christine Byers and Todd Boland) and bringing their expertise and enthusiasm to the classrooms of the GWP, the nine pilot teachers and administrations of the pilot schools for their commitment and dedication to the GWP and engagement in teacher in-service work. The GWP is running again in many of the first pilot schools and the GWP is now under development for an online environment.


WW100 Commemoration Program

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