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Medicine grad heads up national group

Dr. Karen Breeck

Dr. Karen Breeck (Class of 1990) was elected as the new president of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC). She was sworn in Aug. 13 at the federation's annual general meeting in Edmonton.

Dr. Breeck is a flight surgeon with the Canadian Forces. She received a B.Sc. (Biology) from Memorial University in 1987. One year later she received her B. Med. Sc. and then her MD in 1990. In 1993 she received her flight surgeon certification, a tropical medicine certification in 1994, a basic diving medicine certification in 1995 and her civil aviation medical examiner certification in 1996. Three years later, Dr. Breeck received her advanced diving medicine officer certification. In 2000, she pursued a master's in health sciences at University of Toronto in occupational and environmental health with a collaborative diploma in women's studies. In 2001 she completed a fellowship in aerospace medicine with the University of Toronto and residency in aerospace medicine with the United States Air Force in San Antonio, Texas. In 2002 she received her American Board certification for aerospace medicine. In the past, Dr. Breeck has also worked with Canadian astronauts at the Canadian Space Agency and is currently posted in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to work with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

"With her life and work experience, Dr. Karen Breeck is an inspiration to us all," said Dr. Younger-Lewis, past president of the FMWC. "From our young, up-and-coming medical students to our retired members, Dr. Breeck will be sure to bring together these generations by providing strong leadership and excellent communications skills."

Dr. Breeck said she feels very privileged to serve as president of the FMWC for the next year. "Especially being the Year of the Veteran, it was an honour to accept the federation's nomination to become their president. I thank everyone for their trust and support in my abilities and look forward to working together with them over the upcoming year."

Dr. Breeck is a member of a number of associations including the Aerospace Medicine Association, The Ontario Medical Association, The College of Family Physicians of Canada and the American College of Preventive Medicine. She has served on a number of committees and has co-authored a number of articles in various medical journals, many related to aerospace medicine. During her year as president, Dr. Breeck hopes to focus on the theme of "communication" both within the federation and between the federation and other affiliated groups. She will serve of the FMWC through 2005 until August 2006.