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Donald Arthur Hillman

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{Donald and Elizabeth Hillman}
Donald (left) and Elizabeth (right) Hillman

Dr. Donald Hillman is a Canadian professor of pediatrics who, along with his wife Dr. Elizabeth Hillman, has worked extensively in Third World countries in international child health and development. He was a member of Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine from 1976 to 1989, during which time he served as chair of pediatrics and was physician-in-chief at the Janeway Child Health Centre.

After a pediatric fellowship at Harvard, Dr. Donald Hillman graduated from McGill University in Montreal and received his postgraduate training at the Montreal General Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  He completed his PhD in investigative medicine at McGill in 1961 where he was later associate dean of postgraduate studies.

In 1977 he began what would become a decade-long association with Makerere University in Uganda where he would serve as physician-in-chief, UNICEF visiting professor and professor of social pediatrics.

The Hillmans were married in 1955 and together they have directed CIDA-funded programs in Kenya and Uganda. They have also served as medical consultants in Kuwait, Zambia, Tanzania, Singapore, Laos, Malaysia, South Africa and Bhutan, and completed Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) projects in Kenya, India, Guyana, the Philippines and Pakistan, as well as working as senior medical officers for UNICEF in Uganda. He received the Order of Canada in 1994 for his work in international child health and development.

Pages >> Biographical Notes | Address to Convocation | Oration

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