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Dr. Michael Atkinson

{Dr. Michael Atkinson}
Dr. Michael Atkinson

Assistant professor
Department of Sociology

Research interests
A strong proponent of participant observation, Dr. Atkinson's sociological interests are underpinned by his desire to expand Elias and Dunning's (1986) theoretical description of "mimetic" social activities. His love of this discipline emerged while studying deviance and social control during his undergraduate work. Since then, his interests have broadened to include the sociology of bodies and sport, research methods and youth culture. Dr. Atkinson ultimately hopes to infuse the study of social control with that of sport and body. Currently, his research interests lie in studying the straightedge movement in Canada, criminal violence in professional sport, elite female athletes and how they experience body-modification processes, sport-related violence in greyhound racing and further studies in tattooing and masculinity.

A process-sociologist by training, Dr. Atkinson's experiences are just as diverse as his interests. He has completed ethnographic analyses of the political election process in Ontario, ticket scalping in Canada and tattoo enthusiasm in North America. A professor who believes in cultivating a creative and challenging "thinking environment," his work has been presented before the American Society of Criminology and the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport. Currently, Dr. Atkinson's dissertation research on tattooing is under review for future publication.

A native of Kingston, ON, Dr. Atkinson spent most of his formative years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, earned a BA (Hons.) from the University of Waterloo, an MA from McMaster University, and a PhD from the University of Calgary; all in sociology. For further information on Dr. Atkinson, please go to www.ucs.mun.ca/~atkinson.