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Glad to Shad

In July 2003, Memorial was home to the internationally-acclaimed Shad Valley program for the first time. The top high school students from across Canada and around the world visited St. John's campus for the ultimate, summer learning experience.

Since 1981, the award-winning Shad Valley program has been providing outstanding senior high school students with a chance to learn about the disciplines that will give them an edge in the competitive, knowledge-based world of tomorrow.

“We were very excited about this opportunity to deliver the Shad Valley program,”said Bonnie Simmons, manager of programs for Memorial's Chair in Youth-Focused Technological Entrepreneurship. “Shad Valley is Canada's premier program in science, technology, and entrepreneurship. The program identifies some of Canada's top technology talent and gives participants an opportunity to discover the country's leading universities.”

“Hosting the Shad program was an excellent opportunity for Memorial to recruit some of the country's brightest young minds to our campus and to familiarize them with Memorial University. Based on their experience, I am confident that many of them will want to come and study here,”said Memorial President Dr. Axel Meisen.

A typical weekday at Shad consisted of lectures, workshops, group work, sports, and leisure. The weekends were work free and usually involve group outings such as camping, kayaking, or sailing. Participants hailed from the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Argentina, Scotland, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and of course, from all parts of Canada.

“Our main focus for Shad Memorial this year, was to offer a uniquely Newfoundland and Labrador four-week experience that stimulated and challenged these high school students in areas that will give them a competitive edge,”said Ms. Simmons.

The Shad Memorial program is being co-ordinated by the Chair in Youth-Focused Technological Entrepreneurship and the P.J. Gardiner Institute for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Business Administration.