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Memorial Enrollment up

The Web's the Thing - In just over three years, Web registration has caught on at Memorial in a very big way. For this fall semester, more than two-thirds of the university's students opted to sign up for their courses online, and the numbers indicate that each entering class is more and more comfortable with the idea of doing so.

The registrar's office introduced Web registration for the spring (May-August) semester in 1999. This semester, 77.2 per cent of new undergraduate students used the Web to register. Of undergraduate students beyond their first semester 72.9 per cent of those with fewer than 90 credit hours registered online, and 64.5 per cent of those with more than that number did so. Also, a whopping 83.6 per cent of graduate students used Student Web.

“This is cause for celebration,” said Sheila Singleton, associate registrar (Student Systems). “Since we introduced our Student Web service, we've been consistent in adding new features to make students' university experience easier. “This percentage of use in just three years tells us that we're definitely doing something right.”

Overall Enrollment Increases at Memorial

Total full-time undergraduate enrolment on the St. John's campus is 10,939, was up slightly last year from 10,607 the previous year. Just over 2,000 part time students brought the undergraduate total to 13,033. 1,170 of those did distance education courses. Graduate enrolment also jumped from 1,687 in September 2001 to 1,843 in September of last year.

Registrar Glenn Collins was delighted to see the increases. “It's particularly good to see that we are retaining more students, as well as that big jump (9.2 per cent) in graduate enrolment.”

There are 987 full-time and 51 part-time students, all undergraduates, at Memorial's Sir Wilfred Grenfell College campus, and 647 nursing students at Western Memorial Hospital and the Centre for Nursing Studies.

Also of interest is the increasing number of students who come to Memorial last year from outside Newfoundland and Labrador. The university welcomed 225 new students from other Canadian provinces last September. Last year's total of 1,261 “come from aways” compares to the 1,002 who were the previous year, and the 874 the year before that.

“In fact, total enrolment now is at its highest level (16,735) since 1994,” said Mr. Collins.