Religious Studies

What is religious studies?

Religious studies is the exploration of the expression of religion in human culture. It examines human ideas about the divine, as well as the way religious concepts are expressed in text, rituals and belief systems.

Students learn about the histories and varieties of the world’s various religious traditions, and develop interpretive and theoretical perspectives on religion’s deep connection to the human experience and persistent place in culture. Search the archaeological, cultural, and historical records of humanity and you will find the persistent presence of religion.


Religious studies at Memorial

Memorial is home to the largest religious studies department in Atlantic Canada. The wide range of courses offered includes opportunities for language study in Mandarin, Biblical Hebrew and Sanscrit.


Sample courses and degree map

RELS 1021 - Apocalypse: The End Times in Thought, Action, and Imagination
RELS 2340 - Islam
RELS 2812 - Religion and Popular Culture

Religious studies degree map

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Career opportunities

  • Counsellor
  • Lobbyist
  • Pastor
  • International relief worker


Program Information

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Religious Studies


Bachelor of Arts


St. John's

Honours Option:


Co-op Available:



4 years


Fall, winter and spring semesters

Application Deadline:

Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply by:

  • March 1 for fall admission
  • Oct. 1 for winter admission
  • Feb. 1 for spring admission

Supplementary Application:


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