Technical Services

At Technical Services, we offer a wide range of Biomedical, Electronic, and Mechanical services to the Memorial University community, The Health Care Community, and the Private Sector.

These services are offered through our Electronics and Mechanical divisions. The Electronics division is primarily responsible for biomedical, computer repair, electronic design, instrument repair, network installation, and refrigeration services. The Mechanical division is responsible for machining, welding glassblowing, and scale model making services. Resources from both divisions can be utilized to successfully complete any project requirements.

We have a reputation for innovation, expert advice, and excellent service to our faculty, students, researchers, medical community, and business clients.

  • We consult and fabricate prototypes for research and industry.
  • We collaborate on the design and creation of industrial products.
  • We service state of the art equipment and machinery, as well as repair and maintain older research equipment.

The key to our success has been the knowledge and skill level of our staff. These are highly trained individuals who are committed to continual education and skills development. These individuals are sensitive to the needs and demands of both the academic and business communities.

We can provide a one-stop source of innovation, advice and service, giving you the edge needed to ensure the success of your project.

Technical Services

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