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CREAIT-ISG Operations

Vsphere nodesCREAIT-ISG supports approximately 148 faculty, staff and graduate students as well as the IT infrastructure housed across CREAIT satellite laboratories, the Ocean Sciences Centre and selected other major research projects across Memorial University. We support a wide range of diverse research focused IT assets such as instrument computing systems. A significant focus of our activities centres around supporting IT for research projects in Geophysics, and the Ocean Sciences. Some of the systems we support are: Landmark geophysics software suite, data visualization systems, HPLC devices, DNA sequencing, Proteomics systems, various mass spectrometry instruments, NMR and aquaculture data aquisition systems. CREAIT-ISG is responsible for approximately 90 servers (including HPC compute nodes) and over 200 edge and instrument systems. We house approximately 260 TB of data space and manage a multi-node VMWare Vshpere virtualization platform, located in our data centre facility.Torngat Geophysics HPC

Our operations are staffed and services provided by the following people:

  • IT Manager (Mr. M. Bolli) - IT planning, policy, datacentre systems
  • System Administrator IV (Mr. Paul Sherren) - HPC systems, provisioning, LDAP authentication, network monitoring systems
  • System Administrator III (Mr. K. Langdon) - OSC servers and scientific instrument and software systems, Windows systems, data security, OSC accounts administration
  • Research Laboratory Coordinator I (Mr. P. Bruce - cross-appointed with CSLV) - Geophysics scientific software and instrumentation 

CREAIT-ISG is additionally engaged in IT system operations for selected major research projects. Some of these include:

  • 700+ core HPC/GPU cluster project, IT operations and management for MRP Project entitled "Purpose Built Computers for Seismic Modeling and Inversion".
  • Management and Operation of the Image and Data Analysis Facility located at the Ocean Sciences Centre 
  • Management and operation of Rapid Research Image Acquisition System (RRIAS) housed in the Joe Brown Aquaculture Research Building (OSC)
  • International Coastal Networks "Too big to ignore" project - virtual server provisioning and system adminstration
  • Early diets in physiology of cod larvae (OSC/MRP) - data acquisition, processing and source data backup
  • RAVEN II (MRP) - data backup and fileserver system administration
  • REALM (MRP) - data collaboration system