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The Evolution program is offered by the Genesis Centre, Memorialís award-winning business incubator. Early stage entrepreneurs get a chance to work with the centreís staff and mentors to help foster their business ideas, products or services.

Strategies. Solutions. Supports. Those are some of the themes a unique business development program will focus on over the course of eight weeks this summer.


The Cross-Campus Initiatives Fund and Conference Fund are now accepting applications. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, June 15.

The Cross-Campus Initiatives Fund and Conference Fund are now accepting applications. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, June 15.

From left, Bryanna Brown, Vicky Allen and Catharyn Andersen view the Tradition and Transition website.

A $7.4 million-research partnership led by Dr. Tom Gordon, professor emeritus, School of Music, has launched a new website focused on Labrador Inuit cultural research. The Tradition and Transition Partnership site includes photos, articles and announcements regarding the project, which is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Memorial University, the Nunatsiavut Government and more than 20 other organizations.


Dr. Patrick Parfrey

While diet plays a role in the prevalence of colorectal cancer this province, the high frequency by which Newfoundlanders and Labradorians contract the disease led some researchers at Memorial, including Dr. Patrick Parfrey of the Faculty of Medicine, to believe there’s something bigger at play.

Master's student Erin Mobley

Two master’s students have landed themselves on a prestigious national research list. 

Erin Mobley, Department of Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, is one of 25 finalists in this year’s Storytellers Challenge, sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). She has received a $3,000 prize and will now vie for a top spot during the Storytellers Showcase at the 2016 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences May 28-June 3 in Calgary, Alta. The top 25 finalists were selected from among nearly 200 entries by some 30 expert judges in Canada and abroad.

Zak Keeping, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science, received an honourable mention in the challenge and was awarded a $1,000 prize.

The Memorial Researcher Portal is now accepting registration for new accounts and training sessions: . On Nov. 30, Memorial University will launch the first phase of the new portal, which is directed at researchers requiring approvals from human research ethics boards. The Phase Two launch scheduled for winter 2016.


Memorial University of Newfoundland has released the Strategic Internationalization Plan 2020, a plan with specific recommendations to guide the university in the implementation of a wide range of ambitious international and intercultural initiatives over the next several years.