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Contact Information

Information about ICEHR, its application requirements, and the process of review can be obtained by contacting ICEHR by phone: (709) 864- 2561, or email: 

Theresa Heath, Ethics Officer
Phone: 864-2861

Susan Mercer, Secretary
Phone: 864-2561

Lana Williams, Admin Staff Specialist 
Phone: 864-4040

Should you have questions of a more general nature regarding research ethics and the application of the TCPS2 to your particular project, you may contact any member of the committee. Where there is a committee member representing your faculty or school, we encourage you to contact that person first.

Dr. Russell Adams
Faculty of Science (Psychology) / Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Gail Wideman
School of Social Work

Faculty of Arts
Dr. Elizabeth Simms (Geography)
Dr. Adrian Tanner (Anthropology)

Faculty of Business Administration
Dr. Travor Brown

Faculty of Education
Dr. Karen Goodnough

Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Flynn (Community Health & Humanities; Philosophy)
Dr. Sharon Buehler (Community Health & Humanities; Philosophy)

Faculty of Science
Dr. Kathleen Hourihan (Psychology)

School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Dr. Jeannette Byrne

Community Representatives
Rev. Anthony Bidgood
Mr. Justin Mellor, LL.M