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Office of the Vice-President (Research)

The Office of the Vice-President (Research) was established in 1992 when total research income was approximately $30M per year. Since then, Memorial University's total research income has increased to more than $97.8M. This represents research income growth of approximately 7% from the previous year, notably higher than the national average of 3.6%. The number of research sponsors has increased from approximately 450 to more than 1200 in 2010-11.

The Vice-President (Research) reports directly to the President and is responsible for the overall growth, development and promotion of the broad range of research activities undertaken at Memorial. Specific priorities include:

  • supporting research across all academic disciplines ranging from fundamental to applied research;
  • building partnerships and identifying collaborative opportunities with other universities, research organizations and industry in Canada and elsewhere;
  • working within the university's strategic direction to develop and maintain top quality research infrastructure, space, equipment, etc to assist in attracting and retaining the brightest researchers from the national and international markets;
  • attracting more research funds to Memorial University and other research organizations in the province;
  • overseeing the development and implementation Memorial University's new Research Framework document;
  • enhancing the dissemination, application and commercialization of research results generated at Memorial; andidentifying and celebrating research success and excellence.