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Major Research Partnerships

Major Research Partnerships (MRP) is responsible for the overall financial and administrative management of Memorial's major research collaborations funded by the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) or Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador (PRNL) and for assisting in the development of new industrial research collaborations.

MRP’s mission is to facilitate and manage faculty engagement in leading edge, innovative research in partnership with industry to develop intellectual property (IP) that can result in commercial benefits for Memorial, the project partners and the province.

MRP’s management responsibilities encompass a range of pre-award, post-award and project completion activities of Atlantic Innovation Fund projects.

Pre-Award Activities

  • Provide advice and assistance to researchers in preparing Letters of Intent (LOI) and final proposals and ensure agency and institution guidelines are met.
  • In the application process, MRP would assist with: 
    • budget development, 
    • human resource requirements,  
    • overhead rate calculations, 
    • identifying eligible matching research funding opportunities,
    • liaison with industry and agency participants, 
    • liaison with Genesis on IP and commercialisation considerations, and,
    • obtaining signatures required on behalf of the institution

Post-Award Activities

  • Develop, review and negotiate contractual agreements with project partners including liaison with Genesis on partnership agreements and obtaining mandatory institutional signatures. 
  • Oversee project activities and negotiate any material changes to contractual terms and conditions. Responsibilities would include review and approval of project budgets and work plans in accordance with agency and institutional guidelines. 
  • Initiate the financial account opening
  • Authorize expenses and manage the expense claim process. 
  • Hire project staff, commencing with the hiring of a project manager to assist the PI with day-to-day project administration and guide the scheduling of project activities. 
  • Plan and execute market intelligence and promotional activities that may contribute positively to market strategy development,
  • Identify project partners, 
  • Disclose project IP to Genesis, and
  • Other related activities.

Project Completion Activities

MRP works with the PI to ensure the project is completed on budget and all reporting requirements are met and communicated to the project sponsors. MRP facilitates the transfer of technology through engagement with Genesis on the protection and commercialisation of IP, negotiations with project partners and/or the assessment of commercialisation pathways.