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Research at Grenfell Campus

Grenfell Campus is a dynamic and creative research community. Scholars are active in all areas of research, creative activity and scholarship, and the campus is poised for research growth. 

The Grenfell Campus Research Office assists Grenfell researchers with the identification of research funding sources and with the grant application process. It also assists with the proposal review process and acts as a liaison between Grenfell Campus and the Office of Research Services.

The associate vice-president (Grenfell Campus) research, Dr. Antony Card, is focused on building the research capacity. His responsibilities include expanding research portfolios across various disciplines, promoting research priorities and theme sets, and assisting Grenfell faculty members to develop research projects and seek financial assistance. Dr. Card will also be tasked with encouraging investment in research infrastructure, grants and proposals, and supporting research enhancement, research compliance and technology transfer.

To access the Memorial Researcher Portal Memorial Researcher, as well as the Memorial Tools and Resources, please follow this link.