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How to Register

The course offerings for both undergraduates and postgraduates (residents) are available at this site. Locate the courses in thie list below for which you will register, and then register via Memorial Self-Service using the procedures outlined on this site.


Phase 1 Medical Studies
MED 5710
MED 5720
MED 5730
MED 5740
Phase 2 Medical Studies
MED 6750
MED 6760
MED 6770
MED 6780


Third Year Medical Studies
MED 7200
MED 7210
MED 7220
MED 7230
MED 7240
MED 7250
MED 7260
MED 7261
Fourth Year Medical Studies
MED 7263
MED 7270
MED 7271
MED 7272
MED 7273
MED 7280


Visiting Elective Students
MED 7262

With the exception of the registration menu, the features on the main menu will be available Sunday to Friday, 5 a.m. - 12 a.m. for most weeks of the year. Undergraduate medical students can use option 1, the registration menu, from June 1 to September 1.

Residents may register throughout the academic year. To avoid late registration fees, you should register within one month of your contract start date.