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Memorial University offers registration via Memorial Self-Service.

The Office of the Registrar uses e-mail accounts as a tool to communicate with students. If you have not already done so, you should visit to set up your email account. For more information about using your account for communication, click here.

Instructions for Registration are included in the Registration Procedures for each semester, which are available online at the menu to your left.

Effective Winter Semester 2011, the Undergraduate Registration Procedures are not available as a printed document. The information available for review online includes a searchable listing of the course offerings, sections and related course information. Students can also search course offerings, sections and related course information in Memorial Self-Service well in advance of registration.
In the past, the printed booklet, with a coloured paper cover and newsprint pages, was printed in large numbers for distribution to students and academic units. As the online version is more widely used by students and staff, is searchable and up-dated regularly to reflect changes to course offerings by academic units, it was not difficult to make the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly decision to eliminate the print copy.
A PDF or print copy of the registration procedures text, the list of course offerings, or both, can be made available upon request to ehillman at mun dot ca.

If you do not have web access for a prolonged time during the registration period, and cannot ask a trusted family member or friend to register on your behalf, an alternative mail-in registration is available. This Alternate Registration Form is available here as a pdf file.

If you have not registered at the university within the last three semesters, you are required to complete an Application for Re-admission. If you are a current student, check your time and date to register through Memorial Self-Service. You are eligible to register from that time until the close of Registration.