Memorial University provides for registration through Memorial Self-Service.

To understand your responsibilities in registering, as well as to prepare for and complete your registration, you should consult the How to Register link on the left side menu. 

Confirmation of Eligibility to Register

Your e-mail account will receive confirmation of your eligibility to register with the date and time at which you may begin your registration, As well, the message will list your current program of studies. This information is also available from Memorial Self-Service.

The Office of the Registrar uses e-mail accounts as a tool to communicate with students. If you have not already done so, you should visit to set up your email account. For more information about using your account for communication, click here.

If your registration question is not answered in the A-Z listing, Frequently Asked Questions, or in How to Register, please contact us at or by calling 709 864 4445.