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Psychology Research Experience Pool (PREP): Information for Researchers

Dates: Intersession 2014 semester

Deadline to request hours for Intersession 2014: Monday, May 5th, 2014

First day to test participants for credit: Monday, Monday, May 12th, 2014

Last day to test participants for credit: Friday, June 20th, 2014

Testing Participants in PREP

Researchers who would like to test participants in PREP have five simple steps to complete. All relevant forms can be found here.

1.  Obtain approval from ICEHR to test PREP participants in your experiment(s). This application or amendment should include:

2.  Request an account for the Sona website. This should be done by Principal Investigators (i.e., faculty) and any researchers in their labs who will be testing PREP participants, including graduate and undergraduate students and research assistants. Note that faculty/PIs are responsible for all researchers in their labs. To do this:

3.  Submit a PREP New Study Request for any ICEHR approved studies you wish to post in the PREP

4.  Request PREP Hours for the upcoming semester by the current deadline. Only Principal Investigators (i.e., Faculty in the Psychology Department) may request PREP hours, and hours will only be allocated to PIs. It is the responsibility of each PI to request enough hours for everyone (students, RAs, etc.) in his/her lab. Please note that you may not receive the number of hours requested, depending on the number of students and researchers involved in PREP in a given semester.

5.  Create your study in Sona, following the instructions provided in the Researcher Documentation. Use the link in the system to request visibility.

Please note that hours must be requested prior to the start of the semester (see current deadline above), but new study requests and new account requests can be submitted at any time.

Studies for Pay

Researchers who would like to post their pay studies in the Sona website must first have an account to access Sona (see above). Principal Investigators do not need to request hours for pay studies and participants may be tested at any time. To post your pay study, please forward your ICEHR or HREB approval letter to Then simply create the study in Sona and use the link in the system to request visibility.