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Physics and Physical Oceanography


Welcome to Physics and Physical Oceanography

We offer undergraduate programs in Physics and Environmental Physics, as well as several joint degree programs with other disciplines. Graduate programs are offered at the M.Sc. level in Physics and Physical Oceanography and at the Ph.D. level in Atomic and Molecular Physics, in Physical Oceanography, in Condensed Matter Physics and in Theoretical Physics.



Fun and Physics in the Lab

As part of the 8th Annual Science Rendezvous we had a visitation on the weekend with hundreds of keen young scientists who got a chance to see some exciting physics in action.   And they all had their 15 seconds of fame as there was a news piece on NTV news the following night. The Department thanks Mike Morrow.  in particular, and the other contributors to the open house including Anand Yethiraj, Ania Harlick, Ed Hayden, Daiying Zhang, Erica Hayward, Chen Wei, Justin Elms,  Theo Stanoev and Chris Miranda. Mike describe the afternoon as very busy but great fun.

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