Recent Publications by Faculty Members

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Here are some of the most recent research highlights from our faculty members:

Dr. Peter Gratton

The Jean-Luc Nancy Dictionary. Ed. with Marie-Eve Morin. Edinburgh University Press, 2015.

“Survivance and Finitude: Derrida’s ‘Hyper-atheological’ Deconstruction of the Death Penalty and the Proper of Man,” Derrida Today, 10, n. 1 (2016).

“The Murderer, the Journalist, and the Responsibility between Us.” In Thinking the Postmodern: Essays in Honor of Hugh J. Silverman. SUNY Press, 2016.

“Derrida, Foucault, and the Punishment of Philosophy.” In Between Foucault and Derrida. Ed. V. Chesney et al. Edinburgh University Press, 2016.

"Janet Roitman’s Anti-Crisis (2014)." Symposium: The Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, 2015.

Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects. London: Bloomsbury Press, 2014. 

The Meillassoux Dictionary. Co-ed. with Paul Ennis. Edinburgh University Press, 2014.

Dr. Shannon Hoff

The Laws of the Spirit: A Hegelian Theory of Justice. Albany: SUNY Press, 2014.

“Rights and Worlds: On the Political Significance of Belonging.” Philosophical Forum 45, no. 4 (2014): 355-373.

Translating Principle into Practice: On Derrida and the Terms of Feminism.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy SPEP Supplement 29, no. 3 (2015): 403-414.

“Politics in Public: The History of Identity and the Aspiration to Universality.” in Public Sphere from Outside the West. Ed. V. Sanil and Divya Dwivedi. London: Bloomsbury, 2015.

“Locke and the Nature of Political Authority.” The Review of Politics 77, no. 1 (Winter 2015): 1-22.

“Hegel and the Possibility of Intercultural Criticism.” In Unity of Opposites: Hegel and Canadian Political Thought, ed. Susan Dodd and Neil Robertson (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming 2016).

“Pain and Agency: A Critique of Liberal Political Ontology.” In The Self in Pain: Essays in Cultural Ontology. Ed. Siby K. George. Heidelberg: Springer, forthcoming 2016.

Dr. Scott Johnston

“Habermas and Transcendental Idealism.” Educational Theory (forthcoming 2016).

“Bildung, post-Kantian Idealism, and the Conversation of Mankind.” Education and Conversation: Exploring Oakeshott’s Legacy. Ed. P. Fairfield and D. Bakhurst. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2016.

With Bruno- Jofre, R (eds.). Teacher Education in a Transnational World. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Dewey’s Earlier Logical Theory. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2014.

With Bruno-Jofre, R. Introduction. Teacher Education in a Transnational World. Ed. R. Bruno-Jofre and J. Johnston. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Johnston, J. “Theorizing Globalization: Rival Philosophical Schools of
Thought.” Teacher Education in a Transnational World. Ed. R. Bruno-Jofre and J. Johnston. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Johnston, J. Kant's Philosophy: a Study for Educators. New York: Continuum Press, 2013.

Dr. Joël Madore

“Rancière, entre émancipation et aliénation: une interrogation critique à partir de Kant et Levinas.” In Démocratie et modernité: La pensée politique française contemporaine. Dir. Marc Chevrier, Yves Couture et Stéphane Vibert. Presses universitaires de Rennes, France, 2015.

Co-ed. with Scott Johnston. “Kant and the Enlightenment.” Con-Textos Kantianos, International Journal of Philosophy, 2015.

“Disembodied Politics – Commitment and formal distance in Rancière.” Journal of Cultural Research (forthcoming, 2016).

‘When Reason Began to Stir’… - Kant on Courage and the Enlightenment.” Con-Textos Kantianos, International Journal of Philosophy, 2015.

"La foi dans le doute. Interroger Gauchet à partir de Kant." In Actes du colloque de la Société francophone de la philosophie de la religion. Presses de l'Université Strasbourg, (forthcoming, 2016).

"L'éthique sous tension: le difficile équilibre des exils lévinassiens." In Exils/Errance. Dir. François Charbonneau. Montréal, Liber (forthcoming, 2016).

Dr. Sean McGrath

The Late Schelling and the End of Christianity. Edinburgh University Press (forthcoming, 2016). 

Co-edited, with Joseph Carew. Rethinking German Idealism. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2016. 

“Is the Late Schelling Still Doing Nature-Philosophy?” In Nature, Speculation, and the Return to Schelling. Special issue of Angeliki. Ed. Daniel Whistler and Tyler Tritten, 2016.

“Heidegger: An Introduction to A (Very) Critical Introduction.” In Studia Philosophiae Christiane, 2015.

 “Boehme’s Theology of Evil and its Relevance for Psychoanalysis.” In The Psychoanalysis of Evil. Ed. Ronald C. Naso and Jon Mills. Routledge, 2016.

“Schelling and the History of the Dissociative Self.” In Symposium. The Journal of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy 19, 1 (2015): 20 pages.

Dr. Seamus O'Neill

"'Aequales angelis sunt’: Demonology, Angelology, and the Resurrection of the Body in Augustine and Anselm.” Saint Anselm Journal (Forthcoming, 2016).

“Evil Demons in the De Mysteriis: Criticising the Iamblichean Critique of Porphyry’s Demonology” in Luc Brisson and Andrei Timotin (eds.), Neoplatonic Demons and Angels (Leiden: Brill) forthcoming.

“Augustine and Boethius, Time and Eternity.” Analecta Hermeneutica 7 (2014).

“‘How does the body depart?’: A Neoplatonic Reading of Dante’s Suicides.” Dante Studies CXXXII (2014): 175-200.


Dr. Suma Rajiva

“Solus Secedo and Sapere Aude: Cartesian Meditation as Kantian Enlightenment.” in Con-Textos Kantianos, International Journal of Philosophy, 2015.

Dr. Arthur Sullivan

“The Future of the Proposition,” Language & Communication 40 (2015): 14-23 (2015).

“What do Deviant Logicians Show about the Epistemology of Logic?” Synthese 190 (2015): 2773-2800.

Dr. Peter Trnka

"Talk, Negotiate, or Blockade? Tactics & Strategies for Indigenous Power." Northern Public Affairs, 2015.

Co-authored with Patrick Tomlinson." Aboriginal Citizenship in the Twenty First Century." Northern Public Affairs, 2015.