The Department of Philosophy at Memorial University is a small but vibrant community of scholars actively researching in a variety of areas of philosophy in the heritage city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

The Department offers a variety of undergraduate programs, and directs graduate research in the history of philosophy, continental philosophy, and political philosophy, as well as other areas. Students of all levels are invited to come and explore the nature and problems of existence, being and thought.


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Jens Soentgen - Hot Air: The History and Philosophy of Carbon Dioxide

Dr. Jens Soentgen, Director of the Center for Environmental Sciences at the University of Augsburg and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at MUN, recently visited the St. John's campus. Dr. Soentgen is both a philosopher and a chemist and a frequent collaborator with the Department of Philosophy. He gave two talks, one in the Department of Geography on Tuesday, and one in the Department of Philosophy.

His paper in the Department of Geography (February 28. 2017) was entitled: "Win-Win-Win. From the 'terra preta do índio' to the 'terra preta do gringo': Commodification and Mythification of the Amazonian dark earths." His talk in the Department of Philosophy (March 2nd, 2017) entitled:"Hot Air: The History and Philosophy of Carbon Dioxide." 



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Dr. O'Neill Lectures at St. Thomas University

How Demonic Possession Works: Augustine and Aquinas on Demonic Nature and Agency - Dr. Seamus O'Neill, Department of Philosophy, Memorial University

Jointly hosted by St. Thomas University's Philosophy, Catholic Studies, and Great Ideas departments.  

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In the Agora

Twinsome Minds

On November 4th, 2016, Irish Philosopher, Richard Kearney, and visual artist, Sheila Gallagher, performed the internationally acclaimed Twinsome Minds (a phrase from Joyce): Recovering the 1916 Easter Rising in Images and Stories. 
In a stunning performance, they brought us back to a foundational moment in the history of modern Ireland, demonstrating a transformative interpretation of Dublin's Easter Rising for a new generation. The event was co-hosted by the Department of History and the Department of Philosophy, with the support of the Irish Embassy, Culture Ireland, and the Irish Newfoundland Association.

Click here and here to see photos from the performance. 

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MUN Philosophy, For a New Earth and Prof. Sean McGrath featured in the Independent



On February 17, 2016, The Independent newspaper published an article on the recent ecological initiatives and analyses of Prof. Sean McGrath and his team. After an interview with Prof. McGrath, and following up on statments from his op-ed for MUN newspaper The Gazette, writer Justin Break presented some of Prof. McGrath's theses regarding "the challenges of consumer capitalism for its role in the ecological and climate crises," the significance of Pope Francis in this discussion, and how to start "'a new conversation' about ecology and sustainability".

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