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Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

Memorial University's Department of Philosophy offers a thriving intellectual community where students are invited to explore the nature and problems of existence and thought.




 The Department of Philosophy will present the 2nd Annual Kant Conference at MUN on May 21-22, 2015.  Click here for details.


The Winter 2015 Colloquium will start on Tuesday, January 20th and will take place in C-4036 from 2:00-3:20 pm.

January 20 - Peter Gratton, "Schelling, Derrida and Freedom: Thinking without a Theme". Commentary by Kyla Bruff

January 27 - Michelle Rebidoux, "Persons, Community, and the Mystic Body: Towards a Phenomenological Christian Personalism". Commentary by Patrick Renaud

February 3 - Peter Harris, "Collingwood, Fackenheim and Bradley on Metaphysics and Historicity - A Report". Commentary by Gil Shalev

February 10 - David Thompson, "Origins of Objectivity". Commentary by Sarah Messer

February 24 - Suma Rajiva, "Rationalism and Subjectivity from Descartes to Leibniz". Commentary by Fintan Neylan

March 10 - Walter Okshevsky, "Evan Simpson on Reasonableness, Truth and Disagreement in Moral Judgement: A Habermasian Critique". Commentary by Aaron O'Brien

March 17 - Scott Johnston - "What was Transcendental Idealsm? Transcendent and Transcendental Arguments in the Metaphysik Vigilantius (1794-1795)" Commentary by Vahid Jafarzadehdarzi

March 24 - Jennifer Flynn - "Naturalism and Bioethics". Commentary by Shannon O'Rourke

March 31 - Sean McGrath - "The Late Schelling on the Trinity". Commentary by Michelle Mahoney 

The Winter Undergraduate Student Colloquium 

Every Friday an undergraduate student will present in the Colloquium from 1-2 pm in the Kiefte Room. All are welcome to attend. 

Philosophy Public Lecture Series at The Ship Pub

Upcoming Lecture will happen on Tuesday, March 31st at 8:30 pm with Amanda Bittner of the Political Science Department. 

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