Major in Philosophy

Upon completing a major in Philosophy, students are well-equipped for various outcomes, such as furthering their studies in the discipline, or moving on to other career paths where they can use the critical skills they have developed, such as law. The major program in Philosophy consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses chosen in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Philosophy 1200 (Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Philosophy 2000 (Introduction to Metaphysics) or 2220 (Introduction to Epistemology)
  • Philosophy 2210 (Logic)
  • Philosophy 2230 (Moral Philosophy or 3400 (Political Philosophy)
  • Philosophy 2701 (History of Ancient Philosophy) or 2702 (History of Modern Philosophy)
  • 3 credit hours from Philosophy 3110-3620 (Philosophy of ...Series) (excluding Philosophy 3400 if previously completed to fulfill the requirements above)
  • 3 credit hours from Philosophy 3730-3790 (Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Series)
  • 3 credit hours from Philosophy 3800-3851 (17th to 18th Century Series)
  • 3 credit hours from Philosophy 3860-3890 (19th Century Series)
  • 3 credit hours from Philosophy 3900-3950 (20th-21st Century Series)
  • One course in the 4700-4790 series (Seminar in Special Authors and Texts: Topics T.B.A. each semester)
  • One course in the 4800-4890 series Seminar in 20th and 21st. Century Philosophy: Topics T.B.A. each semester)


For the most recent version of the Major requirements students should check the Philosophy section of the University Calendar. The following link will take you there: Philosophy program and course descriptions in the University Calendar.

Sudents declaring a Major in Philosophy must choose a programme advisor in consultation with the Head of the Department or Undergraduate Officer and the faculty member concerned.

Interested in choosing philosophy as your major?
Students declaring a major in philosophy should contact the Undergraduate Liaison, Shannon Hoff ( as soon as they have decided to pursue philosophy. Dr. Hoff will help in the selection of a faculty advisor for the student, an important requirement as you continue in your studies.


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