MA Coursework

MA candidates must complete 18 credit hours total (six courses: PHIL 6000, four courses from the course series PHIL 6022-6026, and one course from either PHIL 6202 or 6102) and a thesis.

6000 The Graduate Seminar

Normally conducted in the Winter Semester in conjunction with the Departmental Colloquium.

The seminar is designed to afford graduate students first-hand experience of mature philosophical discussion, presentation of papers and responses to papers of faculty members.

The Colloquium is open to all University members, faculty and students and generally meets each week. An additional weekly session is devoted to further discussion by the graduate students

A general theme is chosen for each semester series. Recently these have included: Nature, Time, Language, Freedom, Truth, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

6011-6016 Author and Area Seminars

A subset of these courses is offered annually, as resources permit.

  • 6011 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy- Detailed study of one philosopher in the ancient and/or medieval period.
  • 6012 Modern Philosophy - Detailed study of one philosopher in the modern period.
  • 6013 Contemporary Philosophy -Detailed study of one philosopher in the contemporary period.
  • 6014 Metaphysics - Detailed examination of one problem in metaphysics.
  • 6015 Theory of Knowledge - Detailed examination of one problem in the theory of knowledge.
  • 6016 Ethics and Political Philosophy- Detailed examination of one problem in ethics and/or political theory.
  • 6101 Selected Texts or 6102 Current Issues

These are individual reading courses matching student needs and interests to research specializations of faculty members. Normally either course would be the foundation for developing a thesis topic.