Dr. O'Neill Lectures at St. Thomas University
MUN Philosophy

How Demonic Possession Works: Augustine and Aquinas on Demonic Nature and Agency - Dr. Seamus O'Neill, Department of Philosophy, Memorial University

Jointly hosted by St. Thomas University's Philosophy, Catholic Studies, and Great Ideas departments.  

DATE:   20/1/17
TIME:   4:00 PM
LOCATION:   Brian Mulroney Hall Room 101


Abstract: How demons possess human beings is an urgent question for anyone convinced of demonic existence, concerned about demonic agency, and wishing to combat the phenomenon of demonic influence. This talk outlines Augustine's and Aquinas' differing views of the demonic body in order to clarify how each thinker accounts for demonic possession. 

In either case, demonology is portrayed not as an ancient or medieval disease, infecting the thought of our predecessors, but rather, as a complex, well-reasoned account of phenomena needing to be explained by a complete metaphysics and philosophy of nature in any age. 


Jan 20th, 2017

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