MUN hosts Gwich'in Tribal Council Conference with Follow-Up Publication
MUN Philosophy
Aboriginal Citizenship in the 21st Century

n March. 2015, Memorial University hosted the annual Gwich'in Tribal Council Academic Conference. This conference focuses on Aboriginal-state relations in Canada, more specifically on issues and challenges related to the socio-economic and political empowerment, and health and well-being of Aboriginal individuals and communities in Canada. This year's conference was entitled "Aboriginal Citizenship in the 21st Century, A Time of Challenge and Possibility." 

Following the conference, a special issue of Northern Public Affairs entitled "Aboriginal Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century" was published, featuring two pieces by our own Dr. Peter Trnka, which were titled "Talk, negotiate, or blockade? Tactics &  Strategies for Indigenous Power," and "Aboriginal Citizenship in the Twenty First Century" (co-authored by Patrick Tomlinson).


Dec 14th, 2015

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