Michelle Mahoney presents and wins prize for her work on C.S. Peirce
MUN Philosophy
Michelle Mahoney

PhD student Michelle Mahoney has won the 2016 Aristotle Prize from the Metaphysics Society of America for best paper. Her paper is entited:  “Agape, Evolution & Chance” 

Mahoney also presented three papers during the fall semester:

McGill CREOR Graduate Conference, Religious Ideas and Scientific Thinking, “Scientific Inquiry and Agapaic Creativity in C.S. Peirce” 

Invited Guest Lecturer at the University of Clemson, S.C. “Abduction, Potencies and the Activity of Actualization” 

NASS 2015 The Heritage and Legacy of F.W. J. Schelling, "Overcoming Dualistic Ontology"


Congratulations, Michelle!


Dec 13th, 2015

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