Major upgrades equals improved research capabilities
OSC Construction

(1) A deep-seawater supply to provide high quality, low temperature, seawater on a year-round basis, which includes the construction of a new pump house (2) Construction of the Cold-ocean Deep-sea Research Facility (CDRF) which will provide wet and dry laboratory space for research on deep-sea organisms, invasive species, and aquatic infectious diseases of importance to fisheries and aquaculture(3) Improved water quality, and wet and dry lab space for the Dr. Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building (4) Renovation and expansion of the aquatic animal holding areas ('Back Tank Room') (5) State-of-the-Art equipment to support the research initiatives to be undertaken at the CDRF – including flow cytometer, confocal microscope, scanning EM, deep-sea chambers, and equipment for pathogen culture/isolation (6) New Utilities Annex with larger electric back-up generator and new boilers. All phases of the construction are scheduled to be completed by 2013.

Jan 22nd, 2012

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