How well do you know faculty, staff and graduate students at Memorial University?

Apr 26th, 2013

Danielle Nichols

How well do you know faculty, staff and graduate students at Memorial University?

What is your name?

Andrew Perry

What do you do at Memorial?

I am a Field Services Dive Technician at Ocean Sciences

What is your favourite aspect of your profession?

Favorite aspect of my profession is that I get to travel all around the
island going to places I have never been and would never have the opportunity
otherwise. Being able to work outside in the field every other day is great,
always something different, different site, different water conditions, etc.

Why did you choose this career/position?

I chose this career because I wanted to work outside, be hands on and still
use the knowledge I gained from my Environmental Biology degree

What other interesting jobs have you held?

I have had a few interesting jobs that lead me to this, it started working
offshore on crab boats to pay my way through university, then I went offshore
with DFO's Canadian Coast Guard research cruises. In between all this I worked
in a Goldmine in Greenland for a while driving an underground dump truck. After
this I was the lead mooring representative setting much of the Oceanography
equipment for the offshore oil platforms and the experimental sites on the
Grand Banks.

What are you interests outside of work?

When I'm not working I spend most of my time snowboarding, skateboarding,
hiking and taking my truck in the trails.   

What's your idea of a good time?

My idea of a good time would be hanging out with good friends and family on a
beach with a fire so big you can’t stand close to it.

Tell us something interesting about you?

I was on Discovery Channels "I Could Do That", I got to drive a Scooptram in
a mine for a week where I was challenged against a professional driver.


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