A voyage of reconciliation, community engagement and science

On Oct. 19, in Campbell River, B.C., I stepped foot onto the Polar Prince for the first time.

I had been following the journey of this ship for months as it travelled from Toronto towards Victoria, along the three coasts of Canada and through the Northwest Passage, as part of the Canada C3 expedition.

Diverse Canadians

With the aim of honouring the past and reflecting on the future of Canada, the epic journey was a signature project of the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and centered on four main themes: reconciliation, youth engagement, diversity and inclusion, and the environment.

The journey was divided into 15 segments, during which a diverse group of Canadians from all walks of life were invited on board to experience Canada’s nature, people, past and present.

Meeting for the first time in the old helicopter hanger aboard the boat, which was a former icebreaker, I discovered the incredible participants with whom I would share experiences, emotions and ideas over the next 10 days.

Writers, scientists, musicians, adventurers, Indigenous elders, teachers, artists, politicians, new Canadians, people engaged in their communities — all curious and eager to see what would happen next.


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Lumpfish and the eye doctor: A Medicine and Science collaboration

Lumpfish, the dull, lumpy bottom feeders with warty heads, are not only an integral part of the provincial economy — their roe is prized in Asia as an alternative to caviar — they are also the subject of innovative research being done at Memorial that will assist both the aquaculture industry and provide insight into dietary effects on vision.


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Investigating optimal conditions for raising GE salmon

A Memorial master’s student is helping AquaBounty Canada to determine the best growing conditions for transgenic Atlantic salmon.

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