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What is the Department of Ocean Sciences?

This page is designed for current high school students or any else who is thinking about attending Memorial University and who would like to learn a little more about studying Ocean Sciences.

The Department of Ocean Sciences is located in the Ocean Sciences Centre (OSC) in Logy Bay, which is approximately 15 kms from the main campus.

The OSC is a major facility for marine research on the Atlantic coast, and is one of Canada’s largest marine laboratories. By virtue of its location, the department provides Canadian and international scientists and students access to the flora and fauna of the northwest Atlantic Ocean and is uniquely situated for shorebased studies of the cold-ocean processes and subarctic, Arctic and deepsea organisms.

Why study ocean sciences?

The department offers hands-on field and laboratory research experience through MUCEP and summer research positions.

Education and training is one of the department’s principal mandates, and is achieved by providing a stimulating, research-intensive environment in which students can develop and thrive. The uniqueness of the department’s resources provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary training in cold ocean research, whether it is related to physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology; biological and chemical oceanography; behavioral and population ecology; or aquaculture and fisheries.

What can I do with this degree?

Job opportunities for Ocean Sciences students include but are not limited to:

• Marine Biologists
• Oceanographer
• Aquaculturalist
• Research Assistant
• Field Technician
• Food Technician
• Laboratory Technician
• Fisheries Officer
• Environmental Consultant
• Science Teacher
• Biotechnologist
• SCUBA diver

How do I apply?



What are some other ways to get involved?

Volunteer opportunities 

MUCEP positions

Public Education Program