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Dr. Annie Mercier

Annie Mercier

Bachelors: B.Sc. Université de Sherbrooke

M.Sc. Université du Québec à

Ph.D. Université du Québec à

(709) 864- 2011



Curriculum Vitae:

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Research Interests:

My research is primarily focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of benthic invertebrate ecology. While my studies are centered on echinoderms (particularly sea cucumbers and sea stars), I am also interested in cnidarians (corals), molluscs and crustaceans from tropical and cold waters, and from the deep sea. I especially like to combine laboratory and field experiments, and to mix investigations at the behavioural level with microscopic/molecular analyses and environmental assessments. My specific areas of expertise include: 1) the chronobiology of reproduction with emphasis on the role of exogenous and endogenous factors and inter-individual chemical communication in the fine-tuning of gametogenesis and spawning; 2) other aspects of the reproductive cycle: spawning, gamete dispersion, larval development, settlement cues, juvenile growth and ecology; 3) interactions such as pairing and aggregative patterns, prey-predator responses, parasitism, symbiosis; 4) the effects of contaminants on the reproduction and symbiotic relationships of marine invertebrates; and 5) the development of aquaculture and stock enhancement programs.


I also write for popular magazines. See my last contribution to the April 2008 issue of Canadian Geographic.

Daily Planet segment on Mercier Lab (Discovery Channel, April 2013)

Video clip produced by Radio-Canada on Mercier Lab (January 2012, in French)

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