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Yildiz Yilmaz

Assistant Professor of Statistics
Joint appointment with the Discipline of Genetics
Cross appointment with the Discipline of Medicine

PDF in Statistical Genetics, University of Toronto & Mount Sinai Hospital, 2013
PhD in Statistics, University of Waterloo, 2009
MSc in Statistics, Middle East Technical University, 2004
MSc in Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 2004

Office: HH-3057
Phone: (709) 864-8069
Fax: (709) 864-3010
Photo of Yildiz Yilmaz

Research Interests

Survival analysis, Event history analysis, Incomplete data analysis, Multivariate analysis, Statistical genetics.


Yilmaz YE, Lawless JF, Andrulis IL and Bull SB (2013). Insights from cure-rate modeling in subtypes of lymph node negative breast cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 31 (16), 2047-2054.

Konigorski S*, Yilmaz YE* and Bull SB (2013). Bivariate genetic association analysis of systolic and diastolic blood pressure by copula models. BMC Proceedings, to appear. (*First Author)

Forse CL*, Yilmaz YE*, Pinnaduwage D, O'Malley FP, Mulligan AM, Bull SB and Andrulis IL (2013). Elevated expression of podocalyxin is associated with lymphatic invasion, basal-like phenotype and clinical outcome in axillary lymph node-negative breast cancer. (*First Author)

Yilmaz YE and Lawless JF (2011). Likelihood ratio procedures and tests of fit in parametric and semiparametric copula models with censored data. Lifetime Data Analysis 17, 386-408.

Lawless JF and Yilmaz YE (2011). Semiparametric estimation in copula models for bivariate sequential survival times. Biometrical Journal 5, 779-796.

Lawless JF and Yilmaz YE (2011). Comparison of semiparametric maximum likelihood estimation and two-stage semiparametric estimation in copula models. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 55, 2446-2455.

Yilmaz YE and Bull SB (2011). Are quantitative trait-dependent sampling designs cost effective for analysis of rare and common variants? BMC Proceedings 5 (Suppl 9), S111.

Bailey-Wilson JE, Brennan JS, Bull SB, Culverhouse R, Kim Y, Jiang Y, Jung J, Li Q, Lamina C, Liu Y, Magi R, Niu YS, Simpson CL, Wang L, Yilmaz YE, Zhang H and Zhang Z (2011). Regression and data mining methods for analyses of multiple rare variants in the Genetic Analysis Workshop 17 "mini-exome" data. Genetic Epidemiology 35, S92-S100.

Yilmaz YE and Akkaya A (2008). Analysis of variance and linear contrasts in experimental design with Generalized Secant Hyperbolic Distribution. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 216, 545-553.