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The following individuals have been hired to teach courses on a per-course or short-term contract basis.

Name E-mail ( Education
Atkinson, Matthew atkinsom  
Austin, Beth Ann eaustin M.Math Waterloo
Bartlett, Roy rbartlet Ph.D. Waterloo
Callahan, Chris chrisc B.Ed. Memorial University
Craighead, John jwcraighead M.Sc. Queens
Khangha, Aghil Alaee aak818  
Grewal, Mohinder mgrewal M.Ed. Acadia
Jesso, Andrew jesso M.Sc. Memorial University
Kuo, Ching-Zhy ckuo M.Sc. Memorial University
Leonard, Carson cleonard M.Ed. Memorial University
Shi, Run  
Silvesan, Daniela danielas  
Solomon, Afework afework M.Sc. Memorial University
Tang, Rongxin rongxint M.Sc. Memorial University
Tifenbach, Ryan ryan.tifenbach Ph.D. National University of Ireland Maynooth
Wang, Yuzhao yuzhaow Ph.D. Peking University