Deping Ye

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

PhD Case Western Reserve Univeristy

Office: HH-3010
Phone: (709) 864-8793
Fax: (709) 864-3010

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Dr. Ye received his Ph.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University in 2009. He joined the faculty of Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2011, after a one-year postdoc at University of Missouri-Columbia (2009-2010) and a one-year Fields-Ontario postdoc (with the Fields Institute, Carleton University, and University of Ottawa, 2010-2011).

Dr. Ye is primarily interested in the study of geometric and/or probabilistic aspects of functional analysis and/or convexity theory. In particular, he works on Convex Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, and Random Matrices. Another goal of his research is to apply these tools to attack problems arising in various areas of computer science, compressed sensing, mathematics, physics, and (particularly) Quantum Information Theory. He is also interested in nonparametric estimation, especially the study of statistical models with measurement error.

Selected Publications

E. Werner and D. Ye, New $L_p$ Affine Isoperimetric Inequalities. Advances in Mathematics, 218 (2008) 762-780. (arXiv:0711.1867)

E. Werner and D. Ye, Inequalities for mixed $p$-affine surface area. Mathematische Annalen, 347 (3) (2010) 703-737. (arXiv:0812.4550)

D. Ye, On the Bures volume of separable quantum states. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 50 (2009) 083502. (arXiv:0902.1505)

D. Ye, On the comparison of volumes on quantum states. J. Phys. A: Math. Theor., 43 (2010) 315301 (17pp). (arXiv:1003.0727)

G. Aubrun, S. Szarek and D. Ye, Entanglement thresholds for random induced states. (arXiv:1106.2264)


My research areas also involves: Analysis, Mathematical Physics, General Applied Statistics, Non-Parametric Statistics, Theory of Statistics and Probability.