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Honours Presentation Day
by Dr. Danny Dyer
Honors Presentations

On Monday, April 9, three of our graduating honours students gathered to give presentations based on their honour theses. The first was Chris Dawe (supervised by Dr. Danny Dyer), who spoke on "Containing Fires on Infinite Grids". The next speaker was Mitch Sullivan (supervised by Drs. Ivan Booth and Hari Kunduri), who spoke on "Null and Timelike Orbits Around Large Black Holes in Anti de Sitter spacetime." The final speaker of the the morning was Kelly Clarke (supervised by Drs. Danny Dyer and Ryan Tifenbach), who gave a talk entitled "The Watchman's Walk on Cartesian Products and Circulants".

The talks were all of very high quality, and the Department wishes these students the best on the completion of their degrees!


May 30th, 2012

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