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Mathematicians and statistician jobs among top careers of 2014
Kelly Foss

The report considers 200 jobs across North American and ranks them based on an analysis of factors such as stress, hiring outlook, salary and more.

In fact, says companies are scooping up mathematicians for their ability to spot and analyze trends. The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that in 2013, the median annual pay scale for mathematicians was $101,360 and with a projected growth rate of 23 per cent by 2022, the field’s future looks bright.

Statisticians checked in at number three in the report, due in part to the exponentially growing popularity of using statistical analysis in areas such as sports and politics. They say the median annual salary for American statisticians in 2013 was $75,560 with a projected job growth of 27 per cent in the next eight years.

Actuary careers made the cut at number four with a median annual salary of $93,680 and a projected growth rate of 26 per cent by 2022 thanks in part to more Americans having healthcare coverage.

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Apr 21st, 2014

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